About Hyundai Mobility Membership

We, at Hyundai have always kept you at the centre of everything we do which has inspired us to constantly innovate and come up with solutions that touch lives beyond automobiles. With the singular resolve to make your life easier and convenient by becoming your Lifetime partner, we bring to you- 'Hyundai Mobility Membership’ for all proud Hyundai car owners.

We have carefully curated a bouquet of unique offers for your car & everyday needs for mobility, shopping, fitness, entertainment and more under one unified mobile application which you can enjoy as and when you want without the hassles of earning & redeeming points. Go ahead and enjoy a world of unique offers from some of the finest brands in the country. And this is just the beginning. We will keep adding more based on your preferences.

Now, when you become a part of the Hyundai family, you not only get the best ride to flaunt but a plethora of offers & privileges tucked right in your pocket.

Welcome aboard an unforgettable journey to get you moving with the best of everything!

Know What we Have in Store for You

From the moment you purchase your favorite Hyundai, we have got you covered with amazing deals on car accessories, re-fuelling, tyre replacement, tyre services and more.

Always on the move? We have hand-picked special deals for you from the leading players to make that commute to office or getting a driver for that quick errand a lot more easy.

Fancy dinner at a premium restaurant? How about finally going forward with that fitness resolution? Bringing to you a ton of offers from the leading brands for Dining, Entertainment, Fitness, Vacations and more.

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Scan the QR code on your phone or click on the buttons below to download the Hyundai Mobility Membership mobile app.

Enrolment Process

Step 1


Step into the world of India's 1st Smart Mobility Membership program by downloading the app on your Android/ iOS phone

Step 2


Enter you E-Mail ID & Mobile No. and click on ‘Next’ for OTP verification

Step 3


Fill in your details and set a password. ‘Select your interests’ for us to know you better.

Step 4


Your registration is complete. You are all set for an exciting journey with Hyundai beyond the road.

Step 5


Click on any icon: Core, Mobility or Lifestyle & verify your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to unravel a world of unique offers

[VIN available in your Registration Certificate(RC) as Chassis No.]

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Enjoy the finer things in life with us


What is Hyundai Mobility Membership?

Hyundai Mobility Membership-Smart Mobility Membership is a unique, Customer Centric ownership program exclusively available to all owners of Hyundai cars in India.

Who is eligible to become a Hyundai Mobility Membership member?

All proud Hyundai owners (including pre-owned Hyundai owners) are eligible to become a Member and join the program to enjoy exclusive access to quality lifestyle.

Why should I enroll in the Hyundai Mobility Membership program?

We have handcrafted a unique, customer-centric program- Hyundai Mobility Membership wherein we have carefully curated a bouquet of unique offers for your car & everyday needs for mobility, shopping, fitness, entertainment and more from leading brands in the country under one unified mobile application to provide you comfort and convenience at every step.

How do I become a Hyundai Mobility Membership member?

As a proud Hyundai car owner, become a part of the Hyundai Mobility Membership by downloading our mobile app from the Android Play Store and iOS App Store by searching “Hyundai Mobility Membership” available from Hyundai Motor India Ltd. You can also scan the QR code or click on the buttons available in the Download app section available on this page.

How do I enroll in Hyundai Mobility Membership program after downloading the App?

Download & install the Hyundai Mobility Membership App Enter E-Mail & Mobile No. and verify through OTP. Complete registration by filling personal details, password and selecting your interests.

Welcome to HMM. Click on your preferred category and access the benefits by verifying your Vehicle Identification No. (VIN)/Chassis No. (Can be found in your Vehicle RC). You are now ready to enjoy a world of unique handcrafted offers.

Is there a fee applicable to enrol in Hyundai Mobility Membership?

As a beloved member of the Hyundai family, we want you to enjoy a world of ease & convenience. There is no additional charges or Membership Fee that needs to be paid to join Hyundai Mobility Membership.

You are eligible if you own a Hyundai car.

Are customers of all Hyundai car models eligible to become Hyundai Mobility Membership member?

This program is available to all our beloved Hyundai customers owning any car model across our portfolio.

I am an existing Hyundai car owner. Am I eligible for Hyundai Mobility Membership program?

We welcome all Hyundai owners to join Hyundai Mobility Membership and get exclusive access to quality lifestyle.

I am not the first owner of a Hyundai car. Can I join the Hyundai Mobility Membership?

Yes, you are our valued customer and a proud Hyundai owner. We welcome you to join Hyundai Mobility Membership.

What is Click to Buy in the top menu?

Click to Buy is India's is India's 1st comprehensive end-to-end online car buying platform for all Hyundai models. You can buy your favorite Hyundai in simple steps with full assistance at every step.

  1. Select your Car
  2. Get quotation and online finance
  3. Fully sanitized Home delivery of your new car

Can I see and redeem offers on this website?

This website is to support and guide you with all necessary information and details about Hyundai Mobility Membership- Smart Mobility Membership.

You can see the offers from our extensive list of partners and enjoy the benefits only after downloading the Hyundai Mobility Membership app and registering yourself on the app.

I need more support. How to address my query/feedback?

Please fill the enquiry form available under Contact Us at the bottom of the page and click on 'Submit'. We will get back to you.